Our Programs

  • Support in COVID-19 pandemic
  • Koshish-Non Formal Education
  • —Aadhaar-Mid day meal program
  • —Kabari Basti Project
  • —Music Therapy Sessions
  • —Vocational Classes
  • —Udaan- Health Checkup
  • —Bal Panchayat

Koshish – Non Formal Education

Our Objectives of Koshish – Non Formal Education

  • To give the most basic form of education to the children who have never enrolled in any school.
  • To create an interest of education by using non conventional methods of teaching.
  • Ensuring that the students are ready for facing interviews for any admission to schools under the Delhi government.
  • To ensure that the motive of education spreads from the children to their parents too.

Our Impact
Our Non Formal Education has successfully touched the lives of 200 children who have developed a better outlook towards education and has led to more enthusiasm in us through the process.

Ahaar – Mid Day Meal Scheme
Our objectives of Ahaar – Mid Day Meal Scheme

  • To give the children meals which fulfill the daily RDA requirements for healthy growth.
  • To create an added incentive for the children in the form of good ,nutritious food to come and participate in educational and non educational activities.
  • To make allowances for food also to be carried home by the children for parents who are living below the poverty line.
  • Impact focused not just on the kids but also on the families beyond.

Our Impact
The mid –day scheme has reached over 60 families through our individual centres . This has resulted in greater participation and encouragement from the parents to make their children a part of All India Prakash Society.

Music Therapy Sessions
Our objectives of Music Therapy Sessions

  • To create interest in the minds of children through non conventional means such as various musical instruments
  • To provide benefits to both children and adults with a wide range of development  and emotional needs such as communication defects , stress, stroke , downsyndrome and Autism.
  • Create skills in children beyond the normal life and ensure that these children develop a strong inclination towards various life skills besides education

Our Impact
We have managed to create an alternate engagement front with the children , which has been received with great enthusiasm and encouragement from both the children and parents alike.

Our Vocational Classes
Our objectives of Vocational Classes are

Aimed at developing skills which are not directly related with education.

It serves as an add-on and aims at developing specialized knowledge in children and the community depending on the aptitude and interest levels shown towards each of these functions.

The Classes are also a medium of interaction between the people who are more privileged in society to the under privileged parts of society.

All India Prakash Society offer Painting classes, Handicrafts, English Speaking, Yoga Classes, Computer classes.

Udaan- Health Checkup
Our objectives of Udaan- Health Checkup

  • To arrange for basic health checkups by facilitating the process from both the community and the government hospitals
  • To ensure that diseases are under check in the community amongst both the children and the elders.

Our Impact
A Healthier community ensures that the expenses of money can be focused more towards the child’s growth and education , thus creating  a base for healthier tomorrow.

Bal Panchayat
Bal Panchayat is a forum where children are made to realize the power and importance of taking decisions on a larger scale and how it impacts other people around them.
Target objective of the entire exercise

  • To bring about a sense of leadership and responsibility amongst the children at a very young age due to the kind of harsh circumstances they face
  • To create a feeling of loyalty and togetherness amongst the group of children and also create obedience