Our success in creating development opportunities for marginalised children is due to our talented and highly committed team. AIPS employs people, the vast majority of them host-country nationals working in the field; we also supplement our staff with volunteer consultants. Many of our business advisors and volunteer consultants are have management education from top universities in India or industry experts. Our senior staff blend world-class business knowledge with across-country development experience and a passion to help children uplift themselves. We also benefit from the expertise and support of a wide range of partners, including global corporations, public-sector institutions and individuals.

Climbing out of poverty in the developing world takes more than hard work; it takes mentorship and guidance. Community service creates these opportunities for marginalized children by identifying and capitalizing on best practices for child development. AIPS helps them turn their visions into reality.

How to Help us
One of our child’s Profile
Child Name: Master X, 10 years old child. They are five siblings in a family; father is not in a position to send all the five kids in to any school. One of his male siblings gets to know about our organisation from his peer group.One day Master X itself came to us for enrolling his name for NFE class. We were very happy that we are going towards right direction. He Was very regular in between 1:00pm to 3:00pm, but due certain reason we have change the time ,we find that Master X has to go to work for selling vegetable with his parents from 3:00pm to 10:30pm.He has only option to Lunch break for education. There are many masters X in our organisation who wants to study. We are not only struggling with this society class division but also struggling to provide a single day meals to many children in our organisation.


As every parent knows bringing up kids properly is expensive. Our major expenses include:

a. School tuition fees at superior neighborhood private school

b. Food expenses

c. Co-curricular activities expenses

d. On going basic medical care

e. Private tutors’ fees

f. Basic clothing expenses

g. Basic co- curricular activities

h. Co-curricular activities

i. Services of teacher, artist, counselors and therapists.

j. Volunteer service

k. Documentation work of the organisation

l. Participating in survey organized by the children.

m. Sponsoring their recreation, picnic, tour

n. Traveling expenses

SO JOIN IN and see where you’d like to help! As you can see, we need all kinds of helps.

Shelter Home for Boys- Andhra Branch

One child’s total annual expenses Rs.60,000 p.a.

One child child’s annual school & transport fees Rs.12,000p.a.

One child annual food milk & fruits expenses Rs. 12,000 p.a.

One child’s annual medical expenses Rs.6,000p.a.

One child expenses on books and stationary Rs. 2,000 p.a.

One child’s annual expenses on computer education Rs.6,000p.a.

One child annual tutor’s fees for English & Maths Rs. 2,400p.a

One child annual expenses on dance, drama education Rs. 2,400p.a

Annual salary of one full time shelter home for Boys Care givers Rs.60, 000p.a.

Annual fees for psychotherapist Rs. 180,000p.a.

Annual salary of one full-time social worker Rs.1, 20,000 p.a.

Expenses of a day’s picnic for 300 kids Rs.30, 000 a day


AIPSFP School Fellow Rs. 12,000 p.a

AIPSFP College Fellow Rs. 15,000pa

AIPSFP Higher education Fellow Rs. 30,000 p.a

COME and hold a hand of less privileged life!

IT’S AMAZING that the best opportunities to do work that makes a different’ arise out of our inhumanity towards our less privileged children. ALL INDIA PRAKASH SOCIETY reaches into such lives, through the compassion and concern for of people like you.

You can volunteer your time! Spend time with the marginalized children, receive their affection and warmth. Tell them stories. Share their dreams. See them as they really are: spiritually tough inside, not fragile as they appear.

You can discover the joy of loafing! We need community supporters who would be happy to load five kids in to their car and go for a loaf! Or invite them home so that our children rediscover familial warmth.

You can share of yourself! If you are an educationist, doctor, singer, dancer, computer whiz, artist or anyone who enjoys enriching the fabric of society, come share yourself with our children. The bhagwat gita says that knowledge is the only wordly thing that multiplies by being shared. So let’s become a society of Multipliers!

You can become a sponsor! Yes, a sponsor and not just of children of you could choose to support the salary of our programme staff, counselors, Researchers and support team. You could sponsor CDs, Books, Note books, pen, pencils and Colour etc for our library and Resource Unit.