All India Prakash Society is a National Level NGO that aims to provide education to the marginalized children in the various backward areas of New Delhi. The organization started in 2008, with the objective to serve community at the Sangam Vihar Area of South West Delhi.This is headed by Ms. Shonti Bose, a grassroots level Social worker with 12 years of past experience in the slum area of Sangam Vihar basti (Slum area). It has started with three children and is now reaching out to almost 350 children through its various programmes.Ms. Bose started her work in Sangam Vihar community in 1999, when it was in a sorry state.There was no electricity, water facility, proper drainage system, or road.
Ms. Bose, with the help of her father and local community member started seeking help from local government. By writing letters to Government department’s, signature campaigning, visit to local MLA’s office for social cause.It was started with helping poor children to get admission in near school at free of cost, referring to good hospital to them who could help poor people to get cure soonest without spending much money, working with local people to get new road to construct, to provide electricity, proper drainage system in Sangam Vihar D- block Area.


  • Restoring smile on the faces of the neglected and deprived, and bringing them in the society.
  • To fight for equality of every child , and his basic rights of food ,education , health and shelter.
  • To work for women empowerment and development.


  • —To restore the lost childhood of deprived, neglected , street and working children and the lesser privileged.
  • To develop a world which protects children’s rights. A world that treats every child as equal without discrimination based on caste, creed and gender.