AIPS’s volunteer consultant program engages select business professionals for three- to 12-month-long projects, generally based in the under developed communities in India. Volunteer consultants typically (but not exclusively) have at least two years of full-time business experience or a management education from a top-tier business school. Their projects vary, but they often work with corporates, partners, children, and others to create business plans, develop policy recommendations, develop activities for marginalised children, or pursue on the ground community service.

The process for becoming a Volunteer Consultant is highly selective. As opportunities emerge, we interview appropriate candidates from our database. To be included in the database, please submit the following information to /

Part 1. Candidate Information Template

Please complete the the Candidate Information Template in Excel. Instructions for each column are provided and sample entries are also listed. If you are unable to properly explain something using this template, please make a note of it on the free-form questions below (Part 2, question 3). Please be as concise as possible on your responses.

This document must be named and labeled in the following format:

LastName.FirstName DATABASE Month Year (Ex: Simmons.Edith DATABASE Jan 2009)

Part 2. Submit a document that contains your CV/Resume and responses to the following questions:

1. Why are you interested in volunteering with us?

2. What do you consider to be your greatest skills that you would leverage on a project with us?

3. Please share any additional information not covered elsewhere that we should know in order to determine if a project is a good match for you.

This document must be named and labeled in the following format:

LastName.FirstName APPLICATION Month Year (Ex: Simmons.Edith APPLICATION Jan 2009)

Should your availability or other information change after you submit your application please resubmit the relevant materials with a note clarifying that you are updating your application. Due to the large volume of inquiries for this program, please note that we will ONLY follow up with you if a potential opportunity emerges. Thank you for your time and interest in AIPS and our work.