All India Prakash Society (AIPS) is a non-profit social organization working tirelessly towards upliftment of unprivileged sections of society in Sangam Vihar, South Delhi, India. The organization came into existence by the collective efforts of Ms. Shonti Bose and her team, a grassroots level Social worker with 12 years of past experience in social work. AIPS is an organization, a link, a movement – but most importantly, we are a very powerful dream. From the time of our inception in 2008, we have been sustained by a dedicated group of volunteers, and largesse of corporates who have extended a helping hand as part of the drive towards social equality and inclusiveness.
Ms. Shonti Bose is a gold medallist in social work, university 13th rank holder in social work profession, locally known as ‘DIDIJI’. She began her career in social work at the age of 18. In the year 1999, the condition of Sangam Vihar was sorrowful; there was no electricity supply, no water facility, non-existent drainage system, and kuccha road. The social worker with the help of her father and local community members started seeking help from government. She started her social work career with writing letters to various government department and local government, signature campaigning, visit to local MLA’s office for social cause. The main motto behind all this was to help local, illiterate masses. They must know their rights and duties and facilities which are provided by the central government and state government. It was started with helping poor children to get admission in nearby school, free of cost, referring good hospitals to them who could help poor people to get cure at the earliest without spending much money, working with local people to get better roads, to provide electricity and proper drainage system in society.


  • To restore the lost childhood of deprived, neglected , street and working children and the lesser privileged
  • —To develop a world which protects children’s rights. A world that treats every child as equal without discrimination based on caste, creed and gender


  • Restoring smile on the faces of the neglected and deprived, and bringing them in the society
  • To fight for equality of every child, and his basic rights of food, education, health and shelter
  • To work for women empowerment and development


AIPS believes that need and care stands for the rights of children. If we can cater to the basic needs, then we will stand up for the rights in the true sense. The children must get adequate food, clothing, education, proper health care, love, affection and recreation.


ALL INDIA PRAKASH SOCIETY-(AIPS) registered under Societies Registration Act of XXI, 1860. The Registration No. S/63746/2008 on 27th day of October Two Thousand Eight. It is registered under an Act for the Registration of Literacy, Scientific and Charitable societies. Exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961, PAN No.:AABAA1784D, ITO Ward 20 (1).